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This document contains truncated sections of the CTA Lab Manual. The sections in this document deal exclusively with the grossing of Alopecia cases.

6.1.1 Alopecia Specimens

  • Remove and measure the specimen as described above, but do not mark the surgical margins with blue ink.
  • Alopecia biopsies are sectioned differently than other punch biopsies. Gross transversely into three sections. The first cut should be as close to the epidermal surface as possible. The second cut should at the junction of dermis and the subcutaneous tissue.
  • Use red ink to mark the superior cut surfaces of the dermis and subcutaneous specimens.
  • Bisect the portion of the punch with epidermis. Note: this is cut is not a transverse cut.
  • Place all tissue pieces in one cassette.
  • Write levels on the side of the cassettes.
  • Add a red dot to the back of the cassettes.
  • Record the piece count on the requisition and close the cassette as described in section 6.1.14.

Alopecia Sections – use red ink to indicate side to embed down

Alopecia Procedures

Alopecia Procedures [PDF]

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