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Why did I receive a bill from CTA Lab?

CTA Lab's dermatopathologits, Dr. Curtis T. Thompson and Dr. Jessica Spies, provided service to diagnose your skin, hair, and/or nail lesion. This service was done at the request of your the Dermatologist or other Physician, listed on your bill under "Referring Physician". Our board-certified dermatopathologists work with your Physician to help accurately and timely diagnose your condition. CTA Lab's service helps your Physician provide you with their highest level of patient care.

Where should I send my payment?

We can take your payment over the phone. Just call us at 503.906.7300 or you can mail your payment to:

PO Box 230457
Tigard, OR 97281-0457

What if I still have more questions?

Please contact CTA Lab at 503.906.7300 if you have any further questions or need to update your insurance information. We will bill all insurance(s) your Dermatologist provided us with.

Dermatopathology Laboratory Requisitions, CTA Lab

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